Meet Roua

The creative child 

When I was young, in Syria, I always used to play with friends in the garden between my house and my grandpa’s house. I plucked flowers and plants to draw on the walls of the house! but it was so colorful! I can’t forget how beautiful my hands were full of the flowers’ natural colors I remember how creative, how curious, and how eager I was to find and learn something new from the nature around me.


A natural dye sustainable atelier that focuses on developing local natural dye pigments and dye methods. Roua works closer with textile materials designers and companies to develop their way of making sustainable textile production. The Atelier’s mission is to go use eco-friendly materials and local natural dye pigments. Besides that, the atelier develops new techniques and methods to use less water and achieve high quality results.

Roua Alhalabi has 7 years of expertise in developing natural dye recipes and techniques for different types of fiber and material. By using her knowledge, she finds and develops the best dye recipes and methods for fibers. She works closely with farmers and chemistries to collect her resources and test her techniques. Rouaatelier has a lot of experience in scaled techniques and production without losing the IMPACT and QUALITY.