Meet Roua

The child


When I was young, in Syria, I always used to play with friends in the garden between my house and my grandpa’s house. I plucked flowers and plants to draw on the walls of the house! but it was so colourful! I can’t forget how beautiful my hands were full of the flowers’ natural colours  I remember how creative, how curious and how eager I was to find and learn something new from the nature around me.

The Artist

Roua Atelier Amsterdam was set up by Roua ALHalabi, a graphic artist and Artist who combines many diverse handmade techniques and forgotten techniques in her designs for her work. Roua found her passion in natural dying and old techniques . She wanted to dive deeper into these magical natural colours,and she was curious  to learn more about the history and the culture behind these techniques.
She uses all her strong background and passion in art to design new workshops and to develop new techniques in different levels which creates the learning process.

Sharing my love

I want to share my love of the craft, natural dyeing, and plants. The colors that nature brings to us are magical!
Let’s take care of the environment through the use of Eco-friendly materials. My mission is:
  • Educate the kids and the adults about natural dye and plants, using their hands again, and have a break from the screen.
  • Developing new natural dye recipes and techniques. 
  •  Help the artist to bring life to their ideas and products through development and dyeing with natural colours.