Shibori techniques with indigo


Working with your hands gives your mind some peace. By fully focusing on what you’re doing with your hands you don’t have time for all your thoughts for a while so you will give your mind a rest.

During the workshop we will work with a durable and safe indigo recipe based exclusively on natural ingredients. The dye bath will already be ready for you because we want to focus on creating!

During the workshop, guided by artists Roua , we will work with different Shibori techniques and everyone will make a scarf with their own pattern. Shibori is a centuries-old Japanese resist dyeing technique where you make patterns on the fabric by folding, binding, clamping and sewing. With this technique you avoid dyeing some parts of the fabric and make the most beautiful patterns by hand.

During the workshop you will learn: different Shibori techniques, how to make a dye bath with natural indigo, background information about why indigo is so special!

The workshop includes: scarf made of organic cotton (50 x250 cm) all necessary tools to create patterns, natural paint material, coffee & tea.